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Friday, October 31, 2008

Sunnysideup finds: Dog 101 for dog lovers!

I love dogs and I can't get enough of them. I've owned one since I was 9 years old and from that time on I've been smitten. Missing them right now actually and all I have are their photos saved on my hard drive.

I did find some interesting videos, Dog 101 by Animal Planet, for those considering to buy dogs. Do watch it, they featured different breeds. It may also help you decide which one suits you best!

Their videos included, the:

Beagle (Cute :P )
Chihuahua (Cute :P )
Rottweiler (This one is a bit too scary for me :P )
Shar-pei (Cute but a bit to wrinkly and might need grooming :P )
Poodle (Too high maintenance :P)
Labrador Retriever (Too big for me :P )
Saint Bernard (Too Drool-y :P)
Boston Terrier (Cute :P )
French Bulldog (Cute :P )
Basset Hound (Cute :P )
Airedale Terrier (Not cute enough for me :( )

For me, I've decided that the next pup I'll own will be a Chihuahua. They're so cute, sweet, portable and very manageable. While jogging I also saw into one, following his master. I do think the little dog got more exercise though, since its master was on a bike and all the Chihuahua had were - small legs. :P

Sunnysideup photography: In Intramuros with a photography enthusiast

Intramuros, 'Manila's walled City', is a historical place in Manila that showcases the memories left by Spain during it's 300 plus years of stay in the Philippines. Within its walls are museums, churches, universities and several picture perfect gates or "Puertas." Most of which have been restored or rebuilt.

The gates are Baluarte de San Diego, Baluarte de San Francisco de Dilao, Baluarte de San Gabriel, Baluarte de Sta. Barbara, Baluarte de San Andres; Puerta Real, Puerta Isabel II, Puerta del Parian, Puerta Almacenes, Postigo del Palacio, Puerta Sta. Lucia.

Here's my photos for Casa Manila Museum, Casa Blanca and San Agustin Church.

Sunnysideup photography: In Boracay with a photography enthusiast

I'm beginning to miss my travels in the Philippines. It's only been a few months since we've relocated here in China and I'm beginning to miss the familiarity of it all. Maybe its just because of the nearing Christmas holidays.

Anyway, my next few blogs will be a collection of the photos I've taken in the different places of my homeland, the Philippines.

Sunnysideup finds: C-string anyone?

I was supposed to blog about another topic, until I checked my email and read about a "new innovation" in the underwear industry. Just can't help it.

Girls do you think you're ready to wear this? As for me I think I can only wear this with tight pants, maybe when I'm at a gym or something but never as a swimsuit. I mean, I'd be fearful to relive the girls experience in the song - ' Itsy-Bitsy Yellow Polkadot Bikini'. It might be perfect though for tanning (in our garden).

Anyway for more information on C-string, here's their site.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sunnysideup finds: Dunkin Donuts hammered Starbucks

My hubby is a lover of Dunkin Donuts while I am a Starbucks fan. I simply love Starbuck's Green Tea Frappe, Ice cold Caramel Machiatto and hot Cafe Mocha, he loves Dunkin Donuts Butternut Munchkins.

Last night while surfing the net we found this site of Dunkin Donuts (
While I am a huge follower of Starbucks, I cannot but applaud Dunkin for this campaign. Great marketing work really. Starbucks is having a tough time lately, especially with the economic crunch affecting the purchasing power of their consumers, and Dunkins is clearly using this to their advantage. Here's one of Dunkin's commercial.

I just wish Dunkin Donuts Philippines Franchise would also offer more donut choices on their menu. Our flavors are not at all as varied as the ones offered in the US. I also hope that Dunkins will open a branch here in Zhongshan, China. We miss donuts!

Sunnysideup finds: Cute Jamba Juice game

Here's a cute and entertaining game from the Jamba Juice site, perfect for kids. They have their version of Pacman, where junk foods are portrayed as villains who zap your energy; and a version of Arkanoid, where they fruits are bonuses and daily activities are shown.

I really am amazed with their marketing tactics in pushing for Jamba Juice by educating the young and old about healthy options. Actually when I visited the US, Jamba Juice became one my favorite daily treats, it was truly delicious and I miss having them. I love Ratzmatazz and Banana-Berry.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Thank you series: FREE Fresh Pearls!

Just like most girls, I love to shop. So Sunday, I headed out for a day at the mall and was extremely delighted to see that there was a sale. I bought 3 blouses all with 40% discount! Even better I got free pearls! I think it was part of the promotion of the jewelry shop. They offer the pearls for free then encourage you to have it set as a pendant. Sad to say I no longer had the budget for it since I had my eye on two more shirts. It was tempting, maybe next time!

Oooh by the way, what really was amazing was I witnessed the pearls being taken out from the shells. They cracked it open, took out the pearls and washed it clean.

"Fresh pearls."

"I got two."

Thank you series: Barbeque party, China style!

Saturday, my hubby and I attended a Barbeque party hosted by his bosses. It was for the entire R&D department of their company.

Here in China, Barbeque parties are so much for for people like my hubby. Similar to their hotpot tradition, they also gather around a grilling table for 'barbeques'. Although the only difference is that they also grill green leafy vegetables, crab sticks, meatballs and bread. One thing is sure, he enjoyed immensely. It was because of the access he had to all the food being cooked.

Here's a quick snapshot of our barbque table last Saturday.

"Starting to grill - beef, crab, chicken wings and corn."

"Hubby and I share a corn while Noel, behind me, is busy grilling."

Thank you series: A different gym experience

Happy Monday everyone! :)

Today I am officially starting my morning exercises. For the past few weeks I usually had it in the evening, I join my hubby whos just in from work. Sadly it's not working for me, I really prefer exercises in the morning because the weather is so much better (healthy sun with a cool breeze) and the early activity helps wake me up.

Anyway, I just want to share a new bunch of oddities I've observed in ZhongShan, China. This time its in the gym. Only here will you:

1. use unplugged exercise equipment. I mean, except for the treadmill, everything has no electricity. It was weird at first because there was no way for me to check my mileage, level, and calories. I guess it's their way of cutting the electric bill and their support to Global warming.
2. see someone wearing a dress while exercising on the treadmill. (And yes its a Sunday/summer dress paired with flats!)
3. find someone exercising backward. Yep I mean the entire 1 hour she was walking backwards on the treadmill. I wonder why? Is this much more effective?
4. see someone using sandals and slippers for running.

Mainly I noticed that the Chinese locals are not particular with their exercise attire. Maybe its because the gym is very near our houses, just a one minute walk from our condo units. Although if there's one thing a lot of them are into exercise - may it be swimming, tennis, jogging or a walk in around the indoor park. That's probably why most of them are fit and slim although, I'm also seeing a few chubby ones once in a while. Must be because of the availability of fastfoods like KFC, Pizzahut and Mcdo.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Sunnysideup cooking: My recipe for buttered veggies

Cooked not too differently from the normal buttered corn and carrots, only difference is that I add Broccoli and white onions to it. By the way I've read that Broccoli is high in vit C and is also good for helping preventing cancer so great to add it too!

Broccoli flower
Corn grains
Diced carrots
White Onion

1. First blanch or steam the Broccoli
2. Heat the pan and butter
3. Once butter melts, immediately add blanched broccoli, carrots and corn
4. Season with salt and pepper
5. Cover pan for 15-20 mins.

Sunnysideup cooking: Sauted Cream Dory in Onion, Tomato and Thyme

Got a message from fellow blogger, Jeng, a few weeks ago. She suggested that I share my recipe since I uploaded photos of the food I cooked.

Quite late but here's the first of my recipes. Most of these are experimental, usually I don't cook following a cookbook. I just head straight to the fridge and cook based on what's in it or what needs to go. It also helps watching cooking shows though since I learn a few tricks. Ok here it is, my first recipe - Cream Dory in Onions, Tomatoes and Thyme.

1 large slice of Cream Dory
1 large Tomato cubed
Half cup of diced White Onion
Tablespoon of Olive Oil
Thyme, Pepper, Salt (to taste)

1. Heat pan add olive oil, white onions and tomatoes
2. Add (thawed) Cream Dory
3. Season to taste with thyme, pepper and salt
4. Wait for 15 mins then serve.

Good for 1-2 persons.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sunnysideup Top Tens: 10 Macau trip memories

For my first trip to Macau, here are my best trip memories. Mostly it's the little things that I miss. I captured most of them in a photo except for one. You'll know the reason why, once you read it!

10. Lunch at Pizza hut, it's almost Halloween!

9. Mcdo dinner. We stuffed ourselves with fries, mcnuggets, burger and a mc muffin! Yes Mcmuffin in the evening!
(sorry still downloading photo)

8. Wow a familiar coffeeshop!

7. Of course, Starbucks is still my favorite coffeeshop eeeeveeeer!

6. Our comfy hotel room (Hotel Sintra) with a great view - free outdoor tv!

Psst had a blooper at the hotel. At one point, the elevator door closed on me. I was too busy taking pictures so I had to take the round trip just to get back to the 7th floor. :)

5. Macau shopping crowd that reminds me so much of Divisoria.

4. Scenic shots and places.

3. Baby moments. Hit and miss photo moments harharhar! :D

2. Impressive Night lights, especially Grand Lisboa! (Note that the two tallest buildings is a casino and, right beside it, a bank!)

#1. Sexy dancers on stage. It's my first time to ever watch a pole dancer. She's so pretty and sexy. I enjoyed the moment with my husband. :P