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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sunnysideup Arts: Another Styling Project

Here's another project I had during my Fashion Styling Class in DFW (Designer Fashion Workshop) early this year. We were tasked to create a pretend editorial spread for a magazine. Thanks to my childhood friend, I was able to finish and complete this homework.

The inspiration for this concept is the current lifestyle of women. We need clothes that are versatile, flattering but at the same time easy to adjust from one event to another. With just a jacket a party dress can be used for work (during the day) and party (at night).

The Title: Whether Ready
The Concept: Modern Women ready for any occasion (Work, Play or Me Moments)
Make up Artist and Model: Jill Ramos
Styling and Photography: myself

Monday, August 29, 2011

Sunnysideup Arts: Sewing Skirts for my Fashion Class

Early this year I took up fashion workshops in i-Academy. I grew up with my mom's garment business so it's natural for me to develop an appreciation and fondness for the arts and fashion.

I took up Pattern Making, Styling, and Basic Sewing. I truly enjoyed the classes and the expert tutelage of our instructors/mentors - Millet Arzaga, Pidge Reyes and Manny Marquez. Although I did get a little side tracked with all the business of life and work, I still plan to pursue my love for fashion. Once in a while I still sew and make my own DIY projects that I plan to wear :)

Anyway here's a glimpse of the skirts I made for my styling class. :)

Title: The Fool
Model : Istara Bon Gundry
Photographer: Paulo Navarra
Make up Artist: Angela Comsti
Hair Stylist: Miki Keirulf
Styling and Clothes: myself

Title: The Magician
Model: Princess Balderrama
Photographer: Jay Tablante
Make up Artist: Angela Comsti
Hair Stylist: Borge Aloba & Miki Keirulf
Styling and Clothes: myself