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Monday, March 30, 2009

Sunnysideup Perspectives: All Dogs Go to Heaven

Warning: This post is not a happy one, and is not recommended for people who don't like dogs. Please bear with me as I mourn the loss of my pet.

A dog is a loyal, loving friend and pet that any person can have. Losing them is another thing, it's tough and feels like losing friend and family.

Today I just heard that my favorite pet has passed. Yuri has gone to heaven last March 14, 2009. I know that correct grammar tells me to use "it" but bear with me please as I cannot bear to use this on him.

Taken last year, Yuri was 8 years old.

In this photo he is playing with my pup Lilo.

My pet dog Yuri, is one one best dogs I ever had. He is not a dog of breed, but he is smart, loyal, loving and funny.

I remember how I got Yuri. My cousin, Jeff, gave me the pup. He asked me to choose from the bunch. I observed and then I saw this thin and scrawny brown pup. He was so small then, and I saw him hauling watermelon skin. I said to myself, "Hey that pups smart! He takes the food and goes away from the pack so he can eat more... alone." He was different and I decided that he was the one for me.

From that day on, Yuri always managed to make me smile. He had so many antics, sometimes I even forgot that he is a dog. Allow me to reminisce.


- loves to look at the mirror (he looks at his reflection, baffled thinking about the "other" dog)

- loves attention. One time when my dad and step mom were in a deep conversation. He stole their attention and jumped on my dad. My dad and step mom, wanting to play with him, pretended to hug, after seeing that Yuri... got all the more got excited. Seems like he wanted to be part of the hug.

- seems to always understand a conversation. He is also very naughty and would do the opposite of what I ask, then wag his tail as if to let me know he is joking. But he also knows when I am mad and serious, so he follows immediately.

- is emotional. I know when he is sad and hurt. He manages to let us know. He won't go near or even look at us when he is hurt. He would look at us sideways and never go near us. I remember when I had to go to the US for 2 months. He never approached me when I arrived. I knew he was hurt because I didn't say goodbye and was out for a long time.

- is very protective of me and our family. He is such a great guard dog. He knows when to be friendly and when to be tough. He is very friendly to our guests, as long as we let them in first, and that they walk with us.

- is a good dog for children. One of our old maids had a child who lived with us. The child, a little girl, was still a toddler who always clinged to Yuri. She would grasp Yuri's skin very tightly. Even hit him as if he was a toy. Yuri never hurt the child, although, he did love sleeping in the child's folding bed. Tsk Tsk! We just laugh when we see him on the bed.

- is a great predator too. No stray cats, chickens or frogs can leave our backyard alive. One time we even joked about him being so useful, he can probably just find food for all of the dogs :)

- can be picky with food sometimes. I remember, before, he would not eat bread if it had no spread in it. He also leaves the rice on his bowl if there is no more sauce or meat left.

- loves to stay under an umbrella, especially when it's raining. If you take the umbrella he will look at you with questioning eyes.

See how cozy and comfy he is under an umbrella.

The last time I saw him, I knew that it was the last. I said my goodbyes and I can feel that he was really sad. (You see I am now based in China and I cannot be with him most of the time.) In my two recent visits, he was very sweet and always wanted time with me. Every time I leave the house I see him at the gate, looking at me until our car can no longer be seen. The most touching part, was the last time I visited. Our maid even said that he is very sick and seemed to just be waiting for me. He never rose or walked, he only does when I am around. He walks to go to me. He died 5 days after I left Manila.

I can't stop crying, and as I write this post my tears keep falling. It still falls even if I know I said I was prepared for this, and I already said my goodbyes to Yuri. I even told him he can rest if he wanted to. My only consolation is the thought that maybe all dogs go to heaven, and that Yuri is no longer in pain.

Goodbye Yuri. Thank you for all the memories and thank you for being such a great friend.

sunnysideup tagged: Friendly Blogger Award

Got this award from Jeng. Thanks sis!

"Let's Spread the Spirit of Friendship to all the Blogosphere all over the World."

This is a picture of me taken yesterday morning.
My hubby and I woke up late and decided to have breakfast in the clubhouse.
(Note: Notice how my hubby focused on the food not me? Hahaha!)

Here are the rules for this award :
1. Take a Photo or install one now .
2. Do not change clothes,do not trim the hair, the main image is to be captured (we want to see the real you...he..he..) .
3. Post a picture that is in edit.
4. Post these instructions (required).
5. Tag people to show appreciation to them that touch your heart because of their friendly attitude (required).

Now, let me pass this award to . . . Mae, AC, Nortehanon, Artist Chef, Vicky, Payatot.

sunnysideup tagged: My Birthday Wish

Got this tag from peppermayo, a fellow blogger with mostly the same wishes as I have. Anyway my birthday is still on October but here's a sneak peek of my wish list.

I wish:
  1. to go to back Disneyland (Anaheim), but this time with my hubby.
  2. to revisit and travel to Italy and France (with my hubby).
  3. to own a Chihuahua (that has a passport and free airfare so I can bring it everywhere I go).
  4. for my own business.
  5. to lose weight and return to my size 5 years ago. Well...maybe I can just wish for a faster metabolism. :)
  6. the same wish (above) for my hubby. We really need to lose weight!
  7. for health and long happy life for me and my family.
  8. for continued marital bliss and blessings.
  9. for lots of shopping money! hehehe :P
  10. for peace on earth and happiness for all mankind. (I really do!)
The Rules

1. Make a list of what you want for your Birthday.
2. The list should be 10 numbers.
3. Include the image of this Award on your Post.
4. Give it to 10 Friends of yours.

Now, I want to pass this on to the Artist-Chef who is celebrating her birthday this April.

I also pass this on to all birthday celebrants, feel free to grab this tag!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Thank you series: Canon 450D

Wahoo, I finally got my Digital SLR yesterday! :) Finally moving up from my Manual SLR and Digital Point-and-Shoot. My hubby and I went to an authorized Canon distributor in Macau to search for my first DSLR.

It has always been my choice to get a Canon. I'm so used to Canon's buttons and didn't want to adjust. I also like the idea that Canon's body is versatile and to accommodate even other lens brands. However it took a long time for me to decide between getting a 40D or 450D, I like both. I think it was fate that led me to 450D. Canon 40D was no longer available, all the shops said that it is no longer available.

It's ok though; I'm very happy with my new camera. Got a good deal, warranties, and I even got freebies with it - 4G memory card and a Lens cleaner set. Even my hubby is so excited with it. I think I've influenced him into being a photo enthusiast himself. Now, I need to play with my camera and all it's features.

PS. I also love the camera bag we got. It's a red Crumpler called 'The six million dollar home'!

Thank you series: Hotpot dinner with friends

It was bitter sweet.

Last Friday, we had one great dinner but we had to say Bon Voyage and Goodbye to our friend, Chalito. He's my hubby's colleague and soon he's leaving to look for better opportunities.

We will miss him here. He has been like the big kuya for Noel, Dada and my hubby. We will also miss his witty jokes!

God bless my friend.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

sunnysideup finds: Guide to Jetting

I chanced upon this brilliant ad campaign of Jet Blue. I just read that it's creating waves, and I can't disagree. It's so witty and relevant. Watch it!

You can watch all three chapters at YouTube, just click on the links below.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Friday, March 20, 2009

Sunnysideup finds: 7 Tools of Happiness

I'm subscribed to Bo Sanchez' blog and mailing list, and today I read an article about happiness on the my mail. My blog is all about happiness, and that is why I want to share this with you.

Bo Sanchez said:

"Pleasure is an outside job. But happiness is an inside job."

"Happiness isn’t an emotion either. Happiness is a way of life."

He also came up with a list of seven great things He see's in extremely happy people. He calls them the 7 Tools of Happiness. Here they are:

#1. Happy people create their destiny
#2. Happy people like themselves a lot
#3. Happy people nurture connections
#4. Happy people find delight everywhere
#5. Happy people embrace change
#6. Happy people trust deeply
#7. Happy people work their purpose daily

Choose to be happy everyone! :p

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sunnysideup Perspectives: Traveling and Toilets

We call them Toilet, Bathroom, Restroom, Washroom, Comfort Room, Lavatory, Ladies room, and Little Boys room; No matter what name, it is one of the most important service and part of any house or establishment. When we are out or traveling we would like to have convenient access to one. We want one that's clean, odor-free and complete with tissue and liquid soap.

TIP: If you are traveling to mainland China soon, the words W.C, washroom, and 'see-saw' will be very useful to know. It is advised to also say this with hand gestures - put your hands together and act as if you are washing them.

One more thing I noticed in China, particularly the provinces of Zhongshan and Zhu Hai, most of the public restrooms are not western style. By the way, I also noticed this in a few restrooms of the Taiwan airport.

Toilet Bowl in one of the Public Toilets of Zhongshan

TIP: To have access to western style restrooms, I suggest you head off to the nearest hotels, or some of the posh restaurants of the area.

Toilet Bowl, with automatic bowl cover dispenser, in one of the Resto's of Zhongshan

Even has a TV (only thing is, movies are all in Chinese)

However, my Macau and Hong Kong toilet experiences were all convenient. Most, if not all, of the establishments had clean and accessible restrooms. I was also impressed with the number of public portalets prepared by Macau in different areas on New Year's eve - so going to the toilet was never a daunting task for me.

Lavatory Macau Airport

Note: My best restroom experience so far, are the public restrooms in Paris, France. I had to pay but it was ok - they were automated. The doors will automatically open and close; I think each person were given 3-5 mins to complete their 'duty'. Seriously though, I was told that limits were established to prevent illegal activities inside the toilet.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Thank you series: Homemade Pizza

My hubby and I love to eat! If you see our current body and compare it with our wedding photos a year ago, you'll agree! :)

And so, I have so much fun cooking here in China. I just think that food is a lot cheaper here as compared to Manila. I just can't get enough of the fruits and vegetables. I also think I've adjusted perfectly to the food choices here: Noodles, Hotpot, Seafood, Fresh Fish. Fresh Vegetables and Fruits.

Once in a while, when we do miss donuts, fastfood and pizzas, we create our own. Thing is the fastfood, pizza or pasta's sold here are not quite the same. Here's a sample of our homemade (none oily) pizza!

Close up

Full view of 1 slice ( we were able to make 2)

The Crust (we bought from the grocery for 3RMB or 21Pesos or 46Cents).

The bread we got was superb! One thing, I've noticed here in China is that their bread is always good. So far, I've never been disappointed with all the bread I've eaten.

As for our sauce, it boiled a bowl of tomatoes with onions, spring onions, garlic, pepper, and a little tomato paste. The tomato paste is use for thickening the sauce. I no longer added salt because I'm sure the cheese would contribute enough saltiness to it.

Note: For donuts, we just stack up and buy during our trips to Macau and Manila. Unfortunately, we don't know how to maje this yet. If you have the recipe, do drop us a note and share it with us :)

Thank you series: Bisita Iglesia in Macau

Over the weekend, my hubby and I were in Macau. We wanted to attend mass and visit the Couples for Christ Community. We met them during the Gawad Kalinga Launch last year. It was a pleasant day and we were even able to join and sit in for the CLP session. :)

We did get a little lost, but it was a great opportunity for us to walk around and visit the other churches in the area. Next time we will be on time for the next mass.

If you are in Macau on a Sunday, here are the mass schedules.

Tagalog and English Masses in Macau, Taipa and Coloanne

Anticipated Masses (Saturday)
Catholic Pastoral Center
(Rua de Francisco Antonio, Macau)
7:30 pm (English)

Igreja de S. Francisco Xavier
(Rua de Francisco X. Pereira, Macau)
5:30 pm (English)

Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Carmo
(Avenida Carlos da Maia,Taipa)
6:30 pm (English)

_ _ _

Sunday Masses
Igreja de S. Francisco Xavier
(Rua de Caetano, Coloane)
10:00 am (English/Cantonese)

Igreja de Santo Agostinho
(Largo de S. Agostinho, Macau)
10:30 am (Tagalog)

Salesiano Chapel
(Rua de S. Lourenco, Macau)
11:15 am (English)

Igreja de Sao Jose
(Rua do Seminario, Macau)
12:00 nn (English)

Capela de Sao Joao Bosco
(Estrada de Farreira do Amaral, Macau)
2:00 pm (English)

Igreja de Santo Agostinho
(Largo de S. Agostinho, Macau)
4:30 pm (English)

Igreja de Sao Jose Operario
(Rua da Tribuna, Iau Hon, Macau)
5:30 pm (English)

Igreja da Se Catedral
(Largo da Se, Macau)
6:00 pm (English)Align Left

Friday, March 13, 2009

sunnysideup tagged: Sisterhood award

Blogging enabled me to meet new friends like Mae; they who inspire me with their blogs. With most of them I can relate to and in their stories I find comfort in knowing that we all have something in common.

I want to pass on this award to my 'sisters' in blogging.

1. Iris
2. Beth
3. Daydream Believer
4. Emz
5. AC
6. Melanie
7. Jacque
8. Shiela

and all you girls on the web. :)

Now here are the rules:

1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

sunnysideup finds: Atari

With the insistence of my hubby, I took this photo while having dinner at TGIF Galleria branch! :P

Did you ever play with this?

As for me my childhood memories are filled with Nintendo, 100 in 1 tapes and . . . Mario Brothers! :P

Monday, March 9, 2009

Thank you series: Shopping for Clothes with the Philippine Map

As promised, here's an update on shopping for clothes with the Philippine map. Since my hubby and I are so much into patriotic clothes, I'd like to share the store with you. I just feel that these clothes are not only fashionable - they are great statements!

First, let me show you the new things we got from Collezione.

"Polo shirts for my hubby"

"A tube top dress and a polo shirt dress for me"

"There are a lot of designs and colors to choose from."

"With a warm sales staff to help you. This is Sheryl! :) "

Here's another thing we've been wanting to buy, Francis Magalona's 3 Stars and a Sun line. Unfortunately his passing, made it impossible for us to get one. His death made more people want to get one. It's a support for him and his family. I will try to get one next time. I also want to support this line, especially since I believe in Francis' patriotic art and music.

"Check out the line; it was intense. I couldn't even get a good shot of the store."

If you have the chance do visit Francis' shop. The main branch is in Broadway, the same place where the daily Eat Bulaga show is held. The items are great, my brother loves this store. I understand that although the shirts are available in malls going to the main branch will allow you to get the items at a lower price. I think 500 plus instead of 700 plus.

Here is a sample of the shirt (worn by the artist, the late Francis Magalona). More designs are available.

Photo from:

Thank you series: 1 day old puppies

I got a great morning surprise yesterday, March 8. Our dog, Champagne, gave birth to 6 cute puppies. It was such a pleasant surprise, afterall, it was day 2 of our three-day trip to Manila. I woke up with a text message from my dad telling me about my new problem; I had to come up with 6 new puppy names inspired by alcohol.

You see our family has decided have a theme for all our dogs names. At my stepmom's house they use the alcohol theme while at our old house we take the Asian sounding names.

As two households merged, so did our dogs. Here's a run down of our dogs names (arranged like a family tree).

Our dogs
Yuri (male)
Miki (male)

My step mom's dogs
Whisky (female)
Brandy (female)
Vodka (female)
Rhum (male)

Miki and Brandy gave us 3 puppies
Champagne (female)
Lilo (female)
Juno (male)

Miki and Vodka gave us 5 puppies
Bud (male)
Miller (male)
Sake (female)
Tsing Tao (female)
Scotch (male)

Miki and Champagne gave us 6 puppies (names are still under deliberation)
Cali (female)
Gilbey (male)
Bailey (male)
Mojito (male)
J.D short for Jack Daniels (male)
J.C short for Jose Cuervo (male)

Do you have suggestions? Let me know :P

Friday, March 6, 2009

Thank you series: Off to Manila for the weekend!

By 4:45pm, our cab driver Dennis will be picking me up. We will then proceed to my hubby's office to pick him up as well. We expect to exit China and enter Macau by 6pm. We will be taking the Cathay Pacific flight to Manila for a weekend with our families.

I'm hoping for the weather to clear up though. It's been raining for days and the weather is dreadfully cold and wet. I really look forward to a little warmth (surely I'll get that in Manila hehe).

Anyway stay tuned for my weekend stories :) Particularly my update on the Collezione items I'm dying to buy. I really loved having the Philippine map on my dress (read my old post to see the dress). I'll definitely get more of that!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Thank you series: Foot Massage

On the eve of our Macau shopping trip - before we even got home - we went to the spa.

'Hubby and I'

This is my favorite massage place in China, and it is located in our community's club house. The service is perfect and the price is absolutely cheap (compared to Manila). Their therapists are very detailed with their massage and are always serving with a smile. :)

'This is Yan Ling, my favorite therapist.'

I would say that the best foot spa I every got was at this center. All our guests who tried their service came out very happy and relaxed.

'My feet'

Thank you series: Shopping at Macau

Last Saturday, I was in Macau with my hubby and his female colleagues. We never intended this to be a shopping day but that's what happened; afterall, 4 out of 5 people on this trip were female. :)

We started the day with breakfast in McDonalds, then by 11:00am we were at the Esprit outlet. We were there until 1pm and we left with the biggest smiles.

Tip: If you are visiting Macau soon, I suggest you drop by the Esprit Outlet. I think it's along the "Praca das Portas do Cerco" street. That's immediately after you exit the immigration and the Portas do Cerco Barrier Gate.

We took the 'free' Grand Emperor Shuttle bus and took the opportunity to snap a few photos.

Our next stop was the Ruins of St. Paul; however, before we got there we had our hands full of shopping bags. :P Hehe!

Tip: Not all shops in Macau are cheap. For example Levis and The Body Shop items are a lot cheaper in Manila. In addition, I suggest that if you have time, look around first. Some street vendors may sell the same items but may have different prices.

Tip: Chocolate prices in Watsons (Senado Square) is good.

My husband was not exempt from the shopping madness. He also found the pair of Nikes he wanted. They were on sale and he got a great deal!

I was also able to buy a few shirts for my parents.

Tip: Save you cash for food and street vendors. Credit cards are accepted in most shops.

Tip: Stores and Vendors accept Hong Kong Dollar and Yuan, but I suggest that you have your money changed into Macau Pataca, specially since Yuan has a higher value.

Tip: Visit Venetian if you want branded stuff like Chanel, LV, Florsheim etc. If you're lucky they may have a sale. I got my Florsheim boots a few months ago at such a great price.

PS. I want to thank my hubby for taking us on this trip - for his patience with 4 shopping girls and for taking the photos.