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Friday, March 6, 2009

Thank you series: Off to Manila for the weekend!

By 4:45pm, our cab driver Dennis will be picking me up. We will then proceed to my hubby's office to pick him up as well. We expect to exit China and enter Macau by 6pm. We will be taking the Cathay Pacific flight to Manila for a weekend with our families.

I'm hoping for the weather to clear up though. It's been raining for days and the weather is dreadfully cold and wet. I really look forward to a little warmth (surely I'll get that in Manila hehe).

Anyway stay tuned for my weekend stories :) Particularly my update on the Collezione items I'm dying to buy. I really loved having the Philippine map on my dress (read my old post to see the dress). I'll definitely get more of that!


amiable amy said...

i am back, i hope you enjoyed your vacation in the philippines

amiable amy said...

i am back today, enjoy your trip to the Philippines