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Monday, August 29, 2011

Sunnysideup Arts: Sewing Skirts for my Fashion Class

Early this year I took up fashion workshops in i-Academy. I grew up with my mom's garment business so it's natural for me to develop an appreciation and fondness for the arts and fashion.

I took up Pattern Making, Styling, and Basic Sewing. I truly enjoyed the classes and the expert tutelage of our instructors/mentors - Millet Arzaga, Pidge Reyes and Manny Marquez. Although I did get a little side tracked with all the business of life and work, I still plan to pursue my love for fashion. Once in a while I still sew and make my own DIY projects that I plan to wear :)

Anyway here's a glimpse of the skirts I made for my styling class. :)

Title: The Fool
Model : Istara Bon Gundry
Photographer: Paulo Navarra
Make up Artist: Angela Comsti
Hair Stylist: Miki Keirulf
Styling and Clothes: myself

Title: The Magician
Model: Princess Balderrama
Photographer: Jay Tablante
Make up Artist: Angela Comsti
Hair Stylist: Borge Aloba & Miki Keirulf
Styling and Clothes: myself


The Weekend Artist said...

am so glad you finally did a post on your fashion workshop! am planning to take one soon and probably in i-academy as well. will want to consult with you soon before I make a decision. thanks for the post its inspiring!

"Q" said...

Thanks weekend artist. More to follow :) By the way, I'm attending their Mentor event on Saturday. Want to meet up?