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Friday, March 20, 2009

Sunnysideup finds: 7 Tools of Happiness

I'm subscribed to Bo Sanchez' blog and mailing list, and today I read an article about happiness on the my mail. My blog is all about happiness, and that is why I want to share this with you.

Bo Sanchez said:

"Pleasure is an outside job. But happiness is an inside job."

"Happiness isn’t an emotion either. Happiness is a way of life."

He also came up with a list of seven great things He see's in extremely happy people. He calls them the 7 Tools of Happiness. Here they are:

#1. Happy people create their destiny
#2. Happy people like themselves a lot
#3. Happy people nurture connections
#4. Happy people find delight everywhere
#5. Happy people embrace change
#6. Happy people trust deeply
#7. Happy people work their purpose daily

Choose to be happy everyone! :p


AC said...

wow! ako din po nakasubscribe sa blog ni bo sanchez. :)
he helped me a lot thru his writings nung time na i was lost and almost "died"

cheers! :)

payatot said...

hello, para palang si bob ong yan ano? maraming alam tungkol sa buhay lalo na sa kasiyahan

dhemz said...

hehhe...great to be here..thanks for the visit!

"Q" said...

Hey AC, when was that? what happened?

Thanks for the visit Dhemz and Payatot. :)

AC said...

hi quinnie, ahehehe. that's a metaphorical statement. i almost died. you know.. when you lost someone you love in the most devastating manner... something that you never even imagined coming. but it's all good now. i'm renewed.. alive.. and kickin' :D

i'm reading bo's articles. :)