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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sunnysideup Thank You Series: My Top 10 Happy Food Thoughts

As I mentioned in my post a few minutes ago it's harder for me to smile and be amused but just a few minutes after posting I realized that there are food brands that do make me smile. These are my favorites. These are food brands that I can't get enough of and look forward to visiting. Truly the best way to get to a man or woman's heart is thru their stomach.

(Note: These are my personal favorites and I was neither paid or coerced to write these. :P)

10. Thin sliced Pizza Margherita (Pizzeria and Deli in Ya Hao Fang, Zhongshan, China)
9. Jamba Juice California
8. Hotpot near Scenic Hotel in Zhongshan. Unfortunately I don't know the name I only know how to go there.
7. AH-2 (My Milk Tea shop in Zhongshan China. I usually go to a franchise in Hua Bai Xi Chang owned by a very nice lady and her fiance.)
6. Comebuy (Milk tea shops I never fail to visit when in Macau or Gong Bei)
5. Korean Restaurant in a mall in Xing Wa, Zhongshan, China.
4. Sambokojin Eastwood
3. Chicken Bonchon Libis or Ayala Triangle (Medium or Small Combo of Wings and Drumstick. I like it Spicy!)
2. Serenitea Eastwood (I am addicted to Milk Tea)
1. Starbucks (My third place and home away from home)

Sunnysideup Perspectives: Back from my loong blogging slumber

I'm back to blogging. It's been harder for me to maintain my consistency in blogging and posting. The recent changes and adjustments made me lose my momentum and well downright lazy. It started with losing access to blogger and youtube during our latter stay in China. Then moving back to Manila we had to "re-plant" ourselves and didn't have continuous internet access for the first few months. Yeah, yeah, excuses, excuses :)

Truth be told I think age is making me too serious so it's harder for me to look for things that make me smile, laugh, or be thankful. This is the main reason I don't blog because this blog, is about being thankful and happy afterall. I find it harder to laugh or smile. Less and less things are amusing. I think I need another revamp because Life is getting to me.

Anyway on the positive note, these past few months I've been getting feedback from people about how they've been following my blog and how they look forward to reading a new post from me. I've also kept myself busy with art and fashion activities. I'll keep you all posted by doing a post blog on all of these busy-ness.

As a parting thought, I guess what I've re-realized is that, we ought to keep it simple. I need to gain back my inner child and learn to smile and laugh again. Life is what I choose it to be and I need to be humble to live light and happy.