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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thank you series: Drowning in Love and Positivity

I just completed a one week workshop, hence my blogging silence. (Good thing I saved the dates so will be publishing post-dated blogs in the next few days.

The workshop was deep and intense. I am glad to meet another set of friends who were in the same wavelength as me. The openness to new ideas and sharings taught me so much about life and reminded me of truths about myself. I also feel blessed to meet Jim Paredes and become his student. I appreciate how he patiently listens and answers our questions. I also really admire his mind and creativeness. Damn! The man can do so many things - paint, draw, sing, compose, teach, take photos, write, inspire...

Anyway, I am back blogging and am pleasantly surprised with several tags and awards. Thank you so much fellow bloggers! I will be posting them soon. :)

Gosh, I just feel high. I am surrounded by lots great people who inspire me.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Thank you series: The Creative Universe Workshop

Just came back from a workshop: The Creative Universe by Jim Paredes. It's a 6-day, 2-hour per day session that helps a person deal with their creative blocks. I discovered this through blogging; I chanced upon Mr. Paredes' blog which I am now following.

The workshop is just as I expected. It's held in his house in Loyola Heights, Quezon City. On a side note, I like his house. It's a good venue for this workshop, and it really does showcase the creativity of it's owner.

Check out the site and syllabus to see if it may be a seminar you will be interested in.