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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

sunnysideup perspectives: My Hubby's New Sport

Since last year my hubby has wanted to play football. Everytime we were on vacation in Manila we would always watch the football games of Arenaball Phils held at the Marikina Sports Center. Finally, now that we are back and based in Manila, he has.

In the last few weekends, he has been trying out for a position in one of the teams. He would always go home with bruises and slightly swelled muscles, but still with a grin on his face. I don't really understand why most men are always interested in highly physical sports. Then again seeing how happy he is every practice and tryout day makes me appreciate his new love. Of course, I am still worried that he might get hurt, but as they said, it's part of the game - it's tackle football.

Still congratulations to my hubby for finding his sport and being drafted as an Offensive Lineman. I'll be there always to watch and support you in all your games. I'll be your stage wife LOL. :)

Here's a snapshot of my hubby during Tryouts. (photo taken by one of his teammates)

Well, maybe I will even consider joining Flag football in the future. Maybe it will be a new way for me to exercise, on top of my gym or jogging days. Then again, that will be in the future. In the meantime, I'll try drills with hubby first to see if I can hack it or if I'll enjoy it. The truth is I've never been interested in football before but since his passion for this grew, I've been learning the game - rules, roles, lingo, etc.

I've noticed that since we've been married, the longer we stay together, the more our interests and hobbies begin to be similar. We've also learned how to be more understanding and tolerant of our differences and weaknesses. We're maturing together and growing happier.

Anyway, for any of you guys interested to join Arenaball Philippines' Football, check out their rules and tryout guidelines. You can also checkout their team's FB page, they are still drafting players for the upcoming season. :)


Nortehanon said...

Ang cool naman, football! Parang konting Pinoy pa lang yata ang into that sport.

Congrats sa hubby mo for making it as member of a team. Good luck sa games ng team niya.

"Q" said...

Thanks Nortehanon. The sport is gaining popularity na rin :) To date I think there are four teams now

Take care :)