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Friday, October 10, 2008

Sunnysideup photography: China mornings with a photography enthusiast

Happy Friday mawning! :)

Today I had my morning walk in Kaiyin Hao Yen - the condo community we currently live in. It's very refreshing to take morning walks here, I especially love the greens that surround me.

I took photos of my favorite spots. Unfortunately I still don't have a Digital SLR, but I do have my handy Canon Digital Ixus 65 to capture the pics.

Let me share them with you, here's my collection of photos for this morning.

"Morning view from our veranda."

"I love this tree, good morning tree!"

"Here's another view from our veranda - a perfect place for a game or chess or chit chat. Hmm... a quick glance and it looks a little like Stone Henge"

"A man-made pond, I think they call area the 'Poet's Nook' or something."

"If you have zooming powers you'll see me in the mirror hehehe."

"Kaiyin in a mirror.'"

"Nice place to rest amongst trees."

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