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Monday, October 13, 2008

Thank you series: I love weekends!

Our Saturday was packed with activities. Although we woke up late, my hubby and I got to do so much during the latter part of the day. In the afternoon, I played tennis for the first time. Jason's
colleagues, also our next door neighbors, invited us. I never thought tennis could be so much fun and yet soooo tiring. I had muscle cramps the entire Sunday, my arms and shoulders hurt. Still it was fun, maybe we can do this more often since we've been swimming less lately because of the weather.

"My turn to serve."

"My baby playing with Darwin."

"My hubbies friends and colleagues."

After the game we had dinner in a Chinese restaurant. Almost everything they serve is fresh, so you need to choose which one you want cooked - fish, crab, shrimps, shellfish, turtle, snake or frog. We didn't order the snake or turtle. Maybe next time when I have the guts to try them.

"Group picture."

"Yep they're alive."

Oooh our day didn't end there we also headed straight home for a quick game at the playstation.
WOw this is the first time I won! I actually won! HaHa, now I want one too. Wait... we had to cut our game short, seems we will end the day in a bar.

"Yoko and Duggy, fight!"

"Si baby naman."

"Another Group picture, Oops, without my baby who is taking the picture"

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