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Monday, October 27, 2008

Thank you series: A different gym experience

Happy Monday everyone! :)

Today I am officially starting my morning exercises. For the past few weeks I usually had it in the evening, I join my hubby whos just in from work. Sadly it's not working for me, I really prefer exercises in the morning because the weather is so much better (healthy sun with a cool breeze) and the early activity helps wake me up.

Anyway, I just want to share a new bunch of oddities I've observed in ZhongShan, China. This time its in the gym. Only here will you:

1. use unplugged exercise equipment. I mean, except for the treadmill, everything has no electricity. It was weird at first because there was no way for me to check my mileage, level, and calories. I guess it's their way of cutting the electric bill and their support to Global warming.
2. see someone wearing a dress while exercising on the treadmill. (And yes its a Sunday/summer dress paired with flats!)
3. find someone exercising backward. Yep I mean the entire 1 hour she was walking backwards on the treadmill. I wonder why? Is this much more effective?
4. see someone using sandals and slippers for running.

Mainly I noticed that the Chinese locals are not particular with their exercise attire. Maybe its because the gym is very near our houses, just a one minute walk from our condo units. Although if there's one thing a lot of them are into exercise - may it be swimming, tennis, jogging or a walk in around the indoor park. That's probably why most of them are fit and slim although, I'm also seeing a few chubby ones once in a while. Must be because of the availability of fastfoods like KFC, Pizzahut and Mcdo.

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