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Monday, October 20, 2008

Thank you series: My birthday weekend in Macau

On the weekend of October 18 and 19, I got to visit Macau for the first time. This is where I celebrated my 31st birthday, thanks to my hubby! He treated me on my special day and it sure is amazing how we can go move from one country to another in 2 hours. Just one bus ride away and an hour of queuing in two immigration areas and...voila, we were in Macau!

My baby and I at Macau's famous 'St. Paul Ruins'.

It was a special moment because God answered our dreams. A fews years back, in one of the Sunday Feasts of Bo Sanchez at Camp Aguinaldo, we visualized and prayed for our dreams. It was on that day when Bro Bo asked us to write on a piece of paper, 7 things we wanted to happen for that year. It was then, as a boyfriend and girlfriend, we dreamt of travel, a career growth and a happy marriage. Most of what we've written came true; I got a 10-year multiple US visa, visited the US for 2 months, we were able to fund our dream wedding, recently we got an opportunity to move here in China and now he was able to provide me a weekend trip at Macau for my birthday.

Thank you God for hearing our prayers and providing for our needs.

"We were glad to see a church again."

"I finished my prayer earlier so I took a secret shot of my baby in deep prayer."

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Joy said...

I suddenly wish to meet Bro Bo :D
I can see you had a great celebration ... :D