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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thank you series: Enjoying a one week holiday!

October 1 is National holiday in China. And for a week since Monday September 29, I have been enjoying lots of quality and fun time with my hubby. So far, in the last three days we've been able to:

watch an Audry Hepburn classic - Sabrina,
swim for half a day,
shop at Zhu Hai with friends,
and get a superb two hour foot and back massage!

So far, so good. Life is great! My marriage is growing stronger as we adjust to our roles of husband and wife. Of course we do have a couple of arguments and hurts here and there, but nothing a major that an hour of loving and honest communication won't solve.

By the way, here are some photos of our visit to Zhu Hai yesterday.

"Breakfast with the gang before boarding the bus."

"Before anything else, lunch at KFC. "

"Gong Bei Port, the boundary between Macau and China. Shopping area 'ala Divisoria' is found in the basement. :) "

"The Clock Tower in Gong Bei."

"Love my new (unbranded) shoes and (Mango) shorts. Mango was on sale and got a really good deal with my shorts! Maybe I should have gotten a few more?"

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