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Monday, October 20, 2008

Sunnysideup Top Tens: 10 Macau trip memories

For my first trip to Macau, here are my best trip memories. Mostly it's the little things that I miss. I captured most of them in a photo except for one. You'll know the reason why, once you read it!

10. Lunch at Pizza hut, it's almost Halloween!

9. Mcdo dinner. We stuffed ourselves with fries, mcnuggets, burger and a mc muffin! Yes Mcmuffin in the evening!
(sorry still downloading photo)

8. Wow a familiar coffeeshop!

7. Of course, Starbucks is still my favorite coffeeshop eeeeveeeer!

6. Our comfy hotel room (Hotel Sintra) with a great view - free outdoor tv!

Psst had a blooper at the hotel. At one point, the elevator door closed on me. I was too busy taking pictures so I had to take the round trip just to get back to the 7th floor. :)

5. Macau shopping crowd that reminds me so much of Divisoria.

4. Scenic shots and places.

3. Baby moments. Hit and miss photo moments harharhar! :D

2. Impressive Night lights, especially Grand Lisboa! (Note that the two tallest buildings is a casino and, right beside it, a bank!)

#1. Sexy dancers on stage. It's my first time to ever watch a pole dancer. She's so pretty and sexy. I enjoyed the moment with my husband. :P

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