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Friday, December 17, 2010

sunnysideup finds: My Art Bag

I was feeling artsy-farty this week and so yesterday I finished another DIY project - my new art bag. I had the sudden inspiration to do this because of my hubby's old throwable and wornout denim jeans. He said he wasn't using it anymore so I decided to recycle it.

Now it's the perfect art bag for me, because it fits my sketch pads plus it has so many pockets to accommodate my tools (pens, eraser, etc).



I enjoyed working on this project so much that I also decided to glam it up with sparkly beads.



What do you think? :)

1 comment:

Ruth said...

I now have this bag...thanks to the artist! I have enjoyed using it on day trips to put in my small clutch, a bottled water, some snacks for my boys, and a pack of baby wipes! Loved it Q! Thanks again!