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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thank you series: One day budget trip in Macau

It's my second time to visit Macau and at the rate I'm going, I'd probably be visiting Macau once every month. Last October it was to celebrate my birthday, this time (November) it was to be the tourist guide of our friends who are here on a business trip. On December, I expect to go there again to attend a Gawad Kalinga event.

Anyway for our trip my hubby and I prepared a packed day for our friends. We only had one day and we had to make sure that we make the most of their visit. I'm just glad that they enjoyed amidst the hot sun and aching leg muscles. According to them, it felt like 'Amazing Race' but it was all worthwhile.

Check out our itinerary. (Consider that we came from China mainland and that we only had a day. We also opted to make this as cost efficient as possible so we opted NOT to stay overnight although we were very much tempted to stay the night so we can do some shopping the next day :) ).

7:30 am Left our houses to catch the bus.
7:45 am Arrived in Fuhua hotel and bought our bus tickets. We took the bus ride from Zhongshan to Zhuhai/GongBei. Cost per person is 20RMB per person

9:00 am Queued in China immigration, exiting China.
9:15 am Queued in Macau immigration, entering Macau.
10:35 am We exit immigration and ... arrive in Macau. We began taking pictures! Incidentally it was the day of Grand Prix Eliminations. :)

10:40 am Took the number 3 bus and headed for San Malo. Cost per person is 2.5Macau Pataca per person

10:50 am We arrive at San Malo. After a few minutes of deliberation we decided to eat lunch at Pizza hut.

11:10am Lunch is served!

12:00noon Began our sightseeing in San Malo. Visited Ruins of St. Paul and the Macau Museum.

1:30pm Took the number 33 bus to Taipa. Cost per person is 3.3Macau Pataca per person
2:30pm Got a little lost but we found the Venetian eventually. It was ok though since we got to take a few more photos of the streets of Macau.

3:00 to 5:30pm Time spent admiring Venetian (inclusive of idle/rest time. We just had to sit a while to relax our aching feet).

5:45pm Left Venetian via cab going to Macau Tower. We opted to skip the 'free bus ride of Venetian' to maximize the time. Cost of cab ride for 4 people is 50 MOP from Taipa to Macau tower (Not bad eh :P )

6:00pm Arrived in Macau Tower. We also visited the stores Toys R Us and Warner Brothers. As always shopping and photo moments took a little longer.

6:45pm Arrived at New Yaohan mall and had our dinner at Sakura Tei. Yummy! :)

7:30pm More sightseeing for us at Wynn and Lisboa. We enjoyed the bright lights and the 'Dancing Fountain.'

8:30pm Tired to the bones, we now decided to go home. We hailed a cab who brought us back to the border. Cab ride to border from city for 4 people costs 50 MOP.

8:45pm Now we had to exit Macau immigration and enter China immigration.

9:30pm Done with immigration. Less people when it's late so queue was faster.

10:05 Now time for us to take a cab home. No more bus at this time so we had to take a cab. Took us 10 minutes to negotiate with the cab for a ride from border to Zhongshan City. Cab ride home for 4 people costs 200 RMB.

11:00pm we arrive at the Zhongshan. Now we needed another cab who will bring us home. Had to hail another cab who knew Zhongshan better.

11:30pm Arrived home. Cab ride home for 4 people costs 50 RMB.

A few things to note:
  • In Macau, HK dollars are accepted by stores but I do suggest that you have your money changed to MOP (Macau Pataca). This will help you save a little more since HK dollars is a little higher that MOP.
  • Venetian is such a big place, you need at least 1 whole day to visit it's every nook and cranny. However you can prioritize what you want to see. Maximize the available touch screen floor plans found at the lobby. There are also free maps for you to refer too.
  • Gondola rides in the Venetian cost around 105MOP per head for adults and 60MOP for kids. It's cool, romantic with live singing from the boat drivers.
  • Venetian is also in Taipa island so best to group your visits. (Example: Taipa island = Venetian. Macau island = St Paul Ruins, Macau Tower, Grand Lisboa, Fountains of Wynn etc)
  • The area of Grand Lisboa and Wynn are best visited at night. The lights are amazing so day trips are suggested in Macau tower, the Museums, St. Paul Ruins and the shopping area.
  • Cost of activities in Macau tower are: Bungee jump = 1700MOP Skywalk= 780MOP Entrance fee to enter the tower = 100MOP


~*~ Badet ~*~ said...

Wow, I hope to visit Macau next year. Natakot kasi kami to go to Macau when we visited HK last year, baka maligaw kami hehe.. :)

Joy said...

Innggiit i would have wanted to join your little guide trip haha ... sooon! One of these days :)

The Wifey Diaries said...

i love macau! hong kong was great. COLD! brrrr.... sayang when we went to Macau, we only got to visit Venetian. 2 hrs lang kami. we didn't get to catch the Grand prix too. It has already ended when we came. Hubby and I plan to visit HK-Macau next year. Nov or Dec maybe!