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Monday, November 24, 2008

Thank you series: Green tea flavored toothpaste and chocolates!

Tea is the staple drink of the Chinese. Most of them have tea in their water bottles in fact water bottles in China have built in strainers that automatically separate water and the tea leaves/flowers.

Anyway, I've also noticed how popular Green Tea flavor is in China. I find it amusing actually but my hubby doesn't. I think it mainly because he detests the taste of tea while I have grown to love it. In fact, I'm very much fond of drinking tea so finding the green tea flavor in some other consumer products is not at all a bother to me. I'm also addicted to Nai (Milk) Cha (Tea).

So far we've discovered that there is such as thing as Green Tea flavored (Colgate) toothpaste and Green tea flavored (Hersheys) chocolates here. When we bought both products we originally thought were mint flavored. Of course we only relied on the drawing since we couldn't read Mandarin. Hahaha, I couldn't help but laugh at how my hubby reacted when he discovered the truth with his first bite. Oh well, this benefits me though cause I get to eat and finish all the chocolates hehehe. Yummy! :) (hmm this doesn't do good for my diet though.)

Anyway, if you love tea like me there are plenty of possibili-TEAS. Here is a list of tea beverages offered in restos or beverage stores.

Milk Tea
Basic Milk Tea
Green Milk Tea
Tapioca Milk Tea
Coconut Jelly Milk Tea
Coffee Jelly Milk Tea
Honey Milk Tea
Vanilla Milk Tea
Hazel Milk Tea
Caramel Milk Tea
Grass Jelly Milk Tea
Hokkaido Milk Tea/ Green Milk Tea

Green Tea
Basic Green Tea
Coconut Jelly Green Tea
Tapioca Green Tea
Honey Green Tea
Passionfruit Green Tea
Plum Green Tea
Lemon Green Tea
Yakult Green Tea
Ice Cream Green Tea
Grapefruit Green Tea

Black Tea

Basic Black Tea
Coconut Jelly Black Tea
Tapioca Black Tea Honey Black Tea
Passion Fruit Black Tea
Plum Black Tea
Lemon Black Tea
Ice Cream Black Tea

Peach Oolong
Hot Ginger Tea
Hot Ginger Milk Tea

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Joy said...

MILK TEEEAAA OMG am addicted to milk tea lol