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Monday, November 17, 2008

Thank you series: Congratulations Simon!

I'm very lucky to have very creative and talented friends. From video editors, animators, designers to composers. One of them is Simon Peter Tan. I've witnessed how his career flourished and how he has made it a point to share his talent. With him, God always comes first! That's why he is also greatly blessed.

Anyway, last year he composed the summer station ID of GMA network, and recently he also put music to GMA Networks 2008 Christmas station ID. I like the song, it's simple and very refreshing! Just right for the modern, materialistic and cluttered world we live in. Congratulations Simon!

The GMA network video can be watched in YouTube. (sorry couldn't embed so I just linked it here)

He has also been very nice to me and my hubby. He worked on our wedding theme song by putting music to my words. Simon, and his wife, Jacque, also sang the song for us. Here is an AVP, I made using the song.


amiable amy said...

nakaka is really good to be inlove noh?thanks for sharing the song....honest, i like the lyrics and the! you are so blessed to have Mr.Tan as a friend. I saw that GMA ID's and it is sooo nice...glad to know the brain behind it.

jacque said...

nakakamiss kayo jason and naan! waah! as in!!! hay, ako ata ang nahohome sick sa inyo. nyahaha. :) we love you! ang ganda ng boses ko rito. haha.