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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sunnysideup perspectives: An Election of Change

I'm not an American but I've been following this exciting election since the announcement of Obama as Democratic party's candidate. Thanks to Broadband internet and the impressive campaign monitoring of the media, I've been kept abreast on the campaign trail (Sarah Palin, Joe the Plumber, the VP and Presidential debates etc)

I also got to ask 2 people about their picks before the election. Both of them are Asians based in the US. I asked them who they are likely to vote and they said - Obama.

I find this election monumental and special. Simply because it offers so much hope and 'change'. Change seems to be the keyword here. Anyway, its amazing to see how things has transpired and how one person - a minority with very diverse roots - can rise up to one of the most powerful position in the world. I do hope that Mr. Obama's background and diversity will enable him to create a really positive impact to the world.

Hopefully we will see real change and that things do improve for everyone, especially since we are now seeing how we are all interconnected.

God bless the world!

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Umma said...

I voted for Obama bec I believe he has the ability and sincerity to bring Changes in the White House.

I was so touched of his speech last night I cried for joy. Indeed, there's no impossible if you dream big.