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Monday, March 16, 2009

Thank you series: Homemade Pizza

My hubby and I love to eat! If you see our current body and compare it with our wedding photos a year ago, you'll agree! :)

And so, I have so much fun cooking here in China. I just think that food is a lot cheaper here as compared to Manila. I just can't get enough of the fruits and vegetables. I also think I've adjusted perfectly to the food choices here: Noodles, Hotpot, Seafood, Fresh Fish. Fresh Vegetables and Fruits.

Once in a while, when we do miss donuts, fastfood and pizzas, we create our own. Thing is the fastfood, pizza or pasta's sold here are not quite the same. Here's a sample of our homemade (none oily) pizza!

Close up

Full view of 1 slice ( we were able to make 2)

The Crust (we bought from the grocery for 3RMB or 21Pesos or 46Cents).

The bread we got was superb! One thing, I've noticed here in China is that their bread is always good. So far, I've never been disappointed with all the bread I've eaten.

As for our sauce, it boiled a bowl of tomatoes with onions, spring onions, garlic, pepper, and a little tomato paste. The tomato paste is use for thickening the sauce. I no longer added salt because I'm sure the cheese would contribute enough saltiness to it.

Note: For donuts, we just stack up and buy during our trips to Macau and Manila. Unfortunately, we don't know how to maje this yet. If you have the recipe, do drop us a note and share it with us :)

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