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Monday, March 2, 2009

Thank you series: Foot Massage

On the eve of our Macau shopping trip - before we even got home - we went to the spa.

'Hubby and I'

This is my favorite massage place in China, and it is located in our community's club house. The service is perfect and the price is absolutely cheap (compared to Manila). Their therapists are very detailed with their massage and are always serving with a smile. :)

'This is Yan Ling, my favorite therapist.'

I would say that the best foot spa I every got was at this center. All our guests who tried their service came out very happy and relaxed.

'My feet'


Sheila said...


Thanks for the link... Add din kita. :)

BTW, Kainggit ang Foot Spa. :) Really, mas mura compared to Manila? Sarap!

QuaChee said...

looks like a good place to relax. u traveling quite a bit too heh :)

amiable amy said...

galing naman , enjoy na enjoy sa spa ah....

good that you will be back in manila again...good for you madali lang, ako tagal pa eh