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Monday, March 9, 2009

Thank you series: 1 day old puppies

I got a great morning surprise yesterday, March 8. Our dog, Champagne, gave birth to 6 cute puppies. It was such a pleasant surprise, afterall, it was day 2 of our three-day trip to Manila. I woke up with a text message from my dad telling me about my new problem; I had to come up with 6 new puppy names inspired by alcohol.

You see our family has decided have a theme for all our dogs names. At my stepmom's house they use the alcohol theme while at our old house we take the Asian sounding names.

As two households merged, so did our dogs. Here's a run down of our dogs names (arranged like a family tree).

Our dogs
Yuri (male)
Miki (male)

My step mom's dogs
Whisky (female)
Brandy (female)
Vodka (female)
Rhum (male)

Miki and Brandy gave us 3 puppies
Champagne (female)
Lilo (female)
Juno (male)

Miki and Vodka gave us 5 puppies
Bud (male)
Miller (male)
Sake (female)
Tsing Tao (female)
Scotch (male)

Miki and Champagne gave us 6 puppies (names are still under deliberation)
Cali (female)
Gilbey (male)
Bailey (male)
Mojito (male)
J.D short for Jack Daniels (male)
J.C short for Jose Cuervo (male)

Do you have suggestions? Let me know :P


peppermayo said...

that's so cute! JC!

i thought of some names too!

margie (for margarita)
miggy (for san miguel)
martini (girls next door)

think they'd get along with my dog, ICE!

peppermayo said...

hi Q! i have tagged you in a post