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Friday, August 6, 2010

Thank you series: Our online shop is up (body-friendly clothes available)!

My childhood friends and I have always spoken about wanting to have a group business. And finally here it is. We just started a small online shop called Style Fetish which allows us to work together and use our talents while bonding. Our store features clothes that are body-friendly, beautiful yet affordable. We hunt and offer items that are meant to complement and flatter your body.

As a group we are not models with a size 2 body, but are regular "everyday" women who love to dress up so we understand that we women come in different shapes and sizes. We know how important it is to understand our body shape and choose clothes that accentuate our assets. Sometimes no matter how chic or hot a dress is, it may or may not be necessarily look good on us. Read more on how to work with your body type at our site or look at our collection.

Happy Shopping!

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