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Monday, September 6, 2010

Thank you series: Friends hold your hand as you chase your dream

Especially since the day I got married, the one constant in my life is change. Not necessarily bad or tragic but change anyhow. When I was single, I had full control of my life, my career and decisions. On a hindsight, it was convenient and easy. It was more about ME.

As I got married, opportunities for change came pouring in. Some exciting, some scary. One of the major changes included our relocation to China. With that move came my chance to become a fulltime expatriate housewife with part-time work as an English Tutor/Teacher.

It was a pivotal moment where I decided to jump face forward in the unknown. This is just one of but the many changes and "growing up lessons" of my life.

I won't go into too much detail, I just want to basically say that aside from my husband and family, my childhood friends, were with me through the years. No matter how busy, moody, or unavailable I was; they were there. They were there to push and hug me (at just the right moments). They were there to always hold my hand.

My friends were always there to hold my hand. Just as I, will always be there to hold their hand because that's just how we do it. We hold each others hand - whenever and even if.


arlini said...

true! getting married is life changing.

Nortehanon said...

Wow! Your childhood friends and you are still together. Ang saya siguro ng ganun. This post made me wonder kung nasaan na ang mga childhood friends ko. My family lived in different towns and I lost track of some of them.

It is indeed a blessing to have our friends around. They stick around through thick and thin.

Magandang gabi! Na-miss ko dito.

Jacque said...

love you mare! 24 years of friendship and counting! :)