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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Thank you series: Refreshed from a 3-day weekend with hubby

Simple things make me happy. Like:

- a feel good friday night relaxing while watching a feel good movie
- a drink of wine while overlooking a great view
- going out on our 100peso (equivalent to 2 USD) challenge dates. That means getting to spend just that much on a date and focusing more on the company rather than the environment or things.
- a cup of vanilla ice cream (sugarfree of course)
- a hug from my hubby
- a compliment from a friend
-drinking my favorite coffee or milk tea
- a comical moment with my dog

and of course,

- a long holiday weekend that provides quality time to reconnect and talk and relax. Something I just had last weekend. It was refreshing :)

Hubby knows how tired I was so he cooked and helped me clean the house. Thanks babe. I'm now fully charged for the week ahead. :)

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