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Monday, March 9, 2009

Thank you series: Shopping for Clothes with the Philippine Map

As promised, here's an update on shopping for clothes with the Philippine map. Since my hubby and I are so much into patriotic clothes, I'd like to share the store with you. I just feel that these clothes are not only fashionable - they are great statements!

First, let me show you the new things we got from Collezione.

"Polo shirts for my hubby"

"A tube top dress and a polo shirt dress for me"

"There are a lot of designs and colors to choose from."

"With a warm sales staff to help you. This is Sheryl! :) "

Here's another thing we've been wanting to buy, Francis Magalona's 3 Stars and a Sun line. Unfortunately his passing, made it impossible for us to get one. His death made more people want to get one. It's a support for him and his family. I will try to get one next time. I also want to support this line, especially since I believe in Francis' patriotic art and music.

"Check out the line; it was intense. I couldn't even get a good shot of the store."

If you have the chance do visit Francis' shop. The main branch is in Broadway, the same place where the daily Eat Bulaga show is held. The items are great, my brother loves this store. I understand that although the shirts are available in malls going to the main branch will allow you to get the items at a lower price. I think 500 plus instead of 700 plus.

Here is a sample of the shirt (worn by the artist, the late Francis Magalona). More designs are available.

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amiable amy said...

hala, that is so wonderful naman that people are buying those shirts to promote our country and at the same time, support Francis

impressive....P500 is too expensive for ordinary people but it is really nice

amy said...

add ko na ito hahaha

jeng said...

Hi! I was not at Jacque and Simon's wedding pero ka-batch ko si Jacque sa w@w and I saw her supplier ratings and wedding pics. Superb mga ideas ni Jacque ; )

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

i also want one of those collezione shirts, i wanted the stripes sana but it's for guys only. i love the shirt dress too