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Friday, August 20, 2010

Sunnysideup finds: A Chance to Win a FREE SEAT in a Video Production Workshop

My friend, an industry practitioner and professor, is planning to conduct a VIDEO PRODUCTION WORKSHOP on Oct 2010. She needs a little help on her choosing which topic to teach. She wants to understand what people will be interested to learn. Your help will be most appreciated, just simple answer this online survey.

In exchange you can get a chance to WIN A FREE SEAT in the WORKSHOP.
FREE SEATS will be given to the best survey respondent.

*Best thing about this is that the seat is transferable. So if you are not available you can give your slot as a gift. Thanks in advance for all the help :)

**Oooh by the way though, the workshop will be help in Manila. Which means free seat is only viable for Manila-residents

For more information on this, you can also visit her blog.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

sunnysideup perspectives: Buying the Right Rubber Shoes

Not until I felt pain in my ankle did I realize the importance of buying the right rubber shoes. I have to admit that I never paid much thought when buying in the past. All I needed to know was that it felt good, looked good and paired well with my gym clothes. Yeah I know, too girly.

Since we relocated back to the Philippines, my hubby and I, having been into running. We usually run on weekends and since then I realized the need to really buy the right one for my feet. Funny thing is what used to be a 10-15minute purchase for me in the past, now became a 1 hour activity for me. As I was choosing and trying you on a number of shoes at a sport shop in The Fort, I can see the impatience brewing in my hubby hehe :) But it was all worth it. My hubby and I came out happy with our purchase. I so so love my new running shoes and I thank my hubby for convincing me get this pair. It's perfect! (It even comes with an option to add a sensor that can track and record my runs.)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Thank you series: My Hubby's Chocolate Truffles

I just love my hubby's truffles. :)

I've had the honor of being his taste tester, the downside however is me gaining weight. Good thing is he already customized a recipe for me - dark chocolate truffles infused with coffee and with less sugar. (Haha, writing my fave flavor just reminded me of . . . me - ordering coffee in Starbucks. :P )

Friday, August 6, 2010

Thank you series: Our online shop is up (body-friendly clothes available)!

My childhood friends and I have always spoken about wanting to have a group business. And finally here it is. We just started a small online shop called Style Fetish which allows us to work together and use our talents while bonding. Our store features clothes that are body-friendly, beautiful yet affordable. We hunt and offer items that are meant to complement and flatter your body.

As a group we are not models with a size 2 body, but are regular "everyday" women who love to dress up so we understand that we women come in different shapes and sizes. We know how important it is to understand our body shape and choose clothes that accentuate our assets. Sometimes no matter how chic or hot a dress is, it may or may not be necessarily look good on us. Read more on how to work with your body type at our site or look at our collection.

Happy Shopping!