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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

sunnysideup perspectives: First year Wifey Learnings

Today, February 17, is our first wedding anniversary and I'm trying to list down all the changes and things I've learned about myself, my hubby and our marriage.

Here it goes. It's been 365 days since our wedding and:
  • The most popular question I get is, "Are you expecting?"
  • We just got our wedding album and video which we always view to reminisce.
  • We truly enjoyed our wedding but I still wish I can redo my wedding gown.
  • We both gained weight.
  • We are now based in China and our, rather, my first few weeks here was tough but my hubby helped me with the adjustments.
  • I noticed a stigma on women, particularly, housewives.
  • I've learned to enjoy life and take it one day at a time.
  • I've successfully influenced my hubby with my love for fruits, veggies and ... MILK TEA.
  • He has in turn influenced me to eat more donuts and chocolates.
  • I've learned that the bathroom and all the activities in there can be a cause of argument between husbands and wives. (It can make and develop wives into a nag)
  • I've proven that I am a lucky woman married to a man who can and is willing to cook and wash dishes (sometimes).
  • I've also accepted that men are truly addicted to TV or Computers. They need this alone time.
  • I appreciate how (amazingly) sweet and mushy my husband still is.
  • I believe that there is no issue that an open and trusting communication can't work on.
  • I am able to cook food that my hubby can eat (well except for three unsuccessful recipes)
  • I've proven that I can stay at home all day (without getting bored) as long as I have an Internet connection.
  • I am beginning to enjoy the life of a trailing spouse.
  • I love how my support and love inspires my hubby everyday.


jacque said...

belated happy anniversary naan and jason! we miss you na! and i love what you wrote, katuwa. talagang they need their "alone" time with computers. and by alone i mean literally kasi ayaw nila may kaagaw unless you're as good as them. hahaha. we love you guys!

hey, chat tayo about china. we "might" (pinagpepray pa namin) be able to visit you guys :)

amiable amy said...

happy anniversary girl, that is really a good info about you and your hubby...

wish you all the good things in life

sunny said...

whoa! stumbled here! ohmigosh, sunnysideup - it's my blog account! lol! what a coincindence! heh heh heh!
anyhoodles, congratulations to u and ur hubby...

i love milk tea and am a certified homebody too! hehehehe! take care!

reanaclaire said...

happy to know that u r happy.. haha.. i have one point in common with, i wont be bored at home whole day as long as i hv the internet connection.. hehe..

ALTHEA / THEA said...

congratulations on your first anniversary! :)

"Q" said...

thanks for the greetings amy and thea :)

jacque, yes please do visit us. excited na ko to take walks and trips with you here. sana you stay long ha (at least a week :)

sunny, i guess we have the same wavelength :)

claire thanks for the visit. yes internet is our friend eh :)

peppermayo/mae said...

happy belated anniversary sweet couple!
we're approaching our first wedding anniversary too. i kinda share your sentiments about the bathroom, the tv & pc addiction, cooking and staying at home. guess we have more in common than i thought. ;p