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Friday, February 27, 2009

Thank you series: My Starbucks Collection

I love Starbucks! I just always had a good experience with this coffee shop. I've reached the point of knowing the crew and being their friend. They know my favorites and just confirm if it's the one I prefer for the day.

I also got a lot of freebies, well this just compensates for my regular, before work, trip to Starbucks. I got free drink for a survey/s or as part of the discount coupon attached to the (then) planner.

Now I don't get to visit them as often since there is no Starbucks in Zhongshan, but when I get the opportunity I do grab a cup in Macau or back in Manila.

Oooh check out my new collection (this replaces the annual planner I used to collect) .


Elizabeth said...

I love the mugs and tumbler Q!
wow, ganda talaga...miss mo siguro talaga ang Starbucks.

amiable amy said...

galing naman....may pangalan talaga, a good collection girl,i love those

Fhaye said...

I miss Starbucks. Cute collection.

amiable amy said...

blog hopping today, do you attend religious activity in your area this Lent season?

reanaclaire said...

hello r u? its been awhile since i last came here.. have a nice week ahead..