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Monday, February 23, 2009

Sunnysideup finds: Confirm your Relationship Request

Yes, I'm finally in Facebook! It took me a long time to join but I'm glad I did. As soon as I got in I already had three invitations, and in a span of 30 minutes I had friends and wall comments :)

Oooh! Let me share one thing I found really amusing - it's the 'Confirm your relationship Request.' I wanted to link my hubby to me. If you recall the part where we can update our status, I wanted it to say that I am married to (my hubby).

I know this is Facebook's way of protecting us but I just found it initially funny. I guess it was just unexpected.Here's a snapshot of the page that my hubby had to approved to give me permission :)

I know it's not clear but it says, "You have a relationship request from (my name)."And at the bottom it asks, "Would you like to confirm your relationship with (my name)?" My hubby can then choose to Confirm or Ignore!

Amusing! Reminds me of sites that also requests us to confirm if we are humans :P Who would have thought such things can be asked. I mean imagine someone asking you these questions 10 years ago!

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