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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sunnysideup Perspectives: Traveling and Toilets

We call them Toilet, Bathroom, Restroom, Washroom, Comfort Room, Lavatory, Ladies room, and Little Boys room; No matter what name, it is one of the most important service and part of any house or establishment. When we are out or traveling we would like to have convenient access to one. We want one that's clean, odor-free and complete with tissue and liquid soap.

TIP: If you are traveling to mainland China soon, the words W.C, washroom, and 'see-saw' will be very useful to know. It is advised to also say this with hand gestures - put your hands together and act as if you are washing them.

One more thing I noticed in China, particularly the provinces of Zhongshan and Zhu Hai, most of the public restrooms are not western style. By the way, I also noticed this in a few restrooms of the Taiwan airport.

Toilet Bowl in one of the Public Toilets of Zhongshan

TIP: To have access to western style restrooms, I suggest you head off to the nearest hotels, or some of the posh restaurants of the area.

Toilet Bowl, with automatic bowl cover dispenser, in one of the Resto's of Zhongshan

Even has a TV (only thing is, movies are all in Chinese)

However, my Macau and Hong Kong toilet experiences were all convenient. Most, if not all, of the establishments had clean and accessible restrooms. I was also impressed with the number of public portalets prepared by Macau in different areas on New Year's eve - so going to the toilet was never a daunting task for me.

Lavatory Macau Airport

Note: My best restroom experience so far, are the public restrooms in Paris, France. I had to pay but it was ok - they were automated. The doors will automatically open and close; I think each person were given 3-5 mins to complete their 'duty'. Seriously though, I was told that limits were established to prevent illegal activities inside the toilet.


payatot said...

ang linis ng toilet nila kahit public ano? dito naman sa atin pag public, naku wag ka na umasa na paglabas mo mabango ka pa rin..alam mo na yon kung bakit...

nga pala ang surname mo nung dalaga e name ko naman ..

"Q" said...

hehe actually marami ring marumi at mabaho. di ko lang nakunan. usually yun yung sa mga grocery, market or super public places.