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Monday, March 23, 2009

Thank you series: Canon 450D

Wahoo, I finally got my Digital SLR yesterday! :) Finally moving up from my Manual SLR and Digital Point-and-Shoot. My hubby and I went to an authorized Canon distributor in Macau to search for my first DSLR.

It has always been my choice to get a Canon. I'm so used to Canon's buttons and didn't want to adjust. I also like the idea that Canon's body is versatile and to accommodate even other lens brands. However it took a long time for me to decide between getting a 40D or 450D, I like both. I think it was fate that led me to 450D. Canon 40D was no longer available, all the shops said that it is no longer available.

It's ok though; I'm very happy with my new camera. Got a good deal, warranties, and I even got freebies with it - 4G memory card and a Lens cleaner set. Even my hubby is so excited with it. I think I've influenced him into being a photo enthusiast himself. Now, I need to play with my camera and all it's features.

PS. I also love the camera bag we got. It's a red Crumpler called 'The six million dollar home'!


AC said...

wow! ang cute naman nung cam. :)
yep, napakacomfy gamitin ng canon 450D, i tried using na coz my friend has a 450D. but mine's a nikon. mas mabigat sya. shaket nga sa braso, leeg at balikat. hahaha. :)

pero syempre, in photography: it's not the PANA, it's the INDIAN. :)

happy shooting! :)

"Q" said...

thanks AC. I'm excited na nga eh. What kind of Nikon are you using?

AC said...

hi quinnie! im using D60. it was supposed to be a D80 pero like what youve experienced with 40D.. naubusan ako ng stocks everywhere ng D80. hehe. i'll just save up for D90.. or i might try canon. ;)

Nortehanon said...

Wow! A Canon 450D! It has been my dream to own one. Pero mukhang lately, my heart has turned into Nikon :D

I haven't got a dslr yet. Still saving for one. I got an SLR dati but it was stolen. Kaya heto, tinatiyaga ko muna ang point and shoot ko. But don't get me wrong, I'm happy naman with the outputs. All the pictures at my site were taken with my Sony point and shoot cammy. So far it's serving me well pa naman.

Dumaan lang po para humingi ng pasensya kasi di ko pa po nagagawa ang tag mo :(

jacque said...

wow, congratulations! you deserve the DSLR na! at least one thing off your wish list! yey! praise God!

jeng said...

I like the crumpler bag. Wish ko mabigyan ng ganyang camera bag husband ko ; ) Btw, got a tag for you

Take care!

Nortehanon said...

Btw, that crumpler blog looks so "yummy." I wonder when my pocket can afford that yummy treat hahaha :D

peppermayo said...

wow! congrats on that! you got a new gadget! btw, i have tags for you! please drop by and grab it, thanks! :)

"Q" said...

thanks for all your comments Mae, Jacque, Nortehanon, Jeng and AC. I'm surely greatful for this advanced Christmas gift. And yes, the Crumpler bag is really cool. Comes in different sizes and colors.

I was choosing between this and the National Geographic bags. Next time when I have extra cash (maybe a loong time from now) I can get a small NatGeo bag too. :)