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Monday, November 10, 2008

Thank you series: The Revolving Restaurant in Zhongshan, China

As I mentioned in my earlier blog, we went out last weekend and had dinner with friends. This time we tried 'The Revolving Restaurant'. It's located in the upper floor of the Fuhua Zhongshan hotel, also very near the Sun Wen Xi Road.

Food was good and the view was great. It took two hours to make a complete revolution and it was just enough time for us to enjoy the food and the company.

One small reminder: In case you will be eating here soon, don't leave your bag on the side. The glass walls are steady but your floor isn't :)

"My view from the restaurant."

"The walls."

"My favorite Pearl Milk Tea."

"Our salads, Caesars and Chef."

"Meat and rice galore."


Marites said...

oh, i love that sago drink:) the view must have been very cool to see everything from above.

amiable amy said...

ohh..i wanna come visit that place someday...hmmm....thanks for sharing the pictures the starving now...btw, got a happy award/tag for you,grab it anytime