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Monday, March 16, 2009

Thank you series: Bisita Iglesia in Macau

Over the weekend, my hubby and I were in Macau. We wanted to attend mass and visit the Couples for Christ Community. We met them during the Gawad Kalinga Launch last year. It was a pleasant day and we were even able to join and sit in for the CLP session. :)

We did get a little lost, but it was a great opportunity for us to walk around and visit the other churches in the area. Next time we will be on time for the next mass.

If you are in Macau on a Sunday, here are the mass schedules.

Tagalog and English Masses in Macau, Taipa and Coloanne

Anticipated Masses (Saturday)
Catholic Pastoral Center
(Rua de Francisco Antonio, Macau)
7:30 pm (English)

Igreja de S. Francisco Xavier
(Rua de Francisco X. Pereira, Macau)
5:30 pm (English)

Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Carmo
(Avenida Carlos da Maia,Taipa)
6:30 pm (English)

_ _ _

Sunday Masses
Igreja de S. Francisco Xavier
(Rua de Caetano, Coloane)
10:00 am (English/Cantonese)

Igreja de Santo Agostinho
(Largo de S. Agostinho, Macau)
10:30 am (Tagalog)

Salesiano Chapel
(Rua de S. Lourenco, Macau)
11:15 am (English)

Igreja de Sao Jose
(Rua do Seminario, Macau)
12:00 nn (English)

Capela de Sao Joao Bosco
(Estrada de Farreira do Amaral, Macau)
2:00 pm (English)

Igreja de Santo Agostinho
(Largo de S. Agostinho, Macau)
4:30 pm (English)

Igreja de Sao Jose Operario
(Rua da Tribuna, Iau Hon, Macau)
5:30 pm (English)

Igreja da Se Catedral
(Largo da Se, Macau)
6:00 pm (English)Align Left

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amiable amy said...

visiting here Miss Q, long time no hear...miss lang kita my friend ....enjoy your day and take care always