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Monday, December 29, 2008

sunnysideup perspectives: When to say I love you

I'm not yet an expert on love and relationships, but I think my short life experience is good enough for me to share some thoughts on love particularly on the much used phrase 'I Love You'.

So how many times and when should one say it?
'I love you' is so overused and so anyone who plans on saying this must be very mindful of their timing. Personally it's not about saying it, it's more about meaning it. If you say it too much, it may lose its meaning. Not unless, of course, you really mean it and it shows in your eyes and actions.

Again, saying it often is not bad, as long as it's true.

How should we say it?
Say it properly. In my opinion, I think it should be said as 'I Love you' - plain an simple. That would be "Mahal kita" in Filipino, "Te Amo" in Spanish and so on. I prefer seeing it this way rather than the "luv yah, luvz ya" ways of today. Maybe it's just my age, afterall, I'm no longer a teener. Its just that it feels more real when said properly, and isn't that what matters.

A few more things.

#1 Treat it with reverence and reserve them for those who really mean something to you. Be careful not to use it as an expression or a catch-phrase.

#2 If you really love someone, say it. Don't be shy and take the risk! Don't lose the chance and opportunity that may never come again.

#3 As a last thought, I also think that our words should be supported by action. We should show and support our love with actions.
  • For children:
Are we good children or do we give our parents a hard time?
  • For parents:
Do our children feel our support and concern?
Do we support them the right way?
  • For couples:
Do we respect our spouse/partner?
Do we compromise or do things that are appreciated by our spouse/partner?
Do we appreciate our partner/spouse enough?
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That's it, my few thoughts on loving. How about you? Share you ideas and drop me a message.


amiable amy said...

what a wonderful thoughts...this is nice girl...two thumbs up...thanks for sharing

Louden said...

It's funny that your writing about this because I'm always expressing my opinions about this word being used for any occasion and losing its meaning.. good post.