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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

sunnysideup perspectives: Are you daring enough?

Do you eat exotic food? What is the weirdest one you've had so far?

In my 31 years of life, I've tried at least 8. Some of them are considered specialties and delicacies in some countries or provinces but to me they are not part of a normal menu. Here's a rundown:

1. Frogs
My mom insisted it tastes like chicken. Still I can't seem to acknowledge it. Not when the frog legs are sooo distinguishable.

2. Kuhol (Snails used for Escargot)
This I've learn to love - specially when with coconut milk or 'gata' in Tagalog.

3. Dog (So bad of me, a dog lover! I was a child then as was tricked to eating it. All along I thought it was pork :(

4. Ant eggs
A specialty in Ilocos Norte, something, I had to try.

5. Raw shrimp (straight from the river)
Another experience I got from Ilocos Norte. My Tita got it for me so I couldn't say no. Truth is it was too small for me to taste :)

6. The infamous "Balot"
Can't eat this anymore. I just intense feel pity and can't swallow.

7. Chicken feet
To this day I still wonder why my mom liked it. Nothing much to eat.

and last but not least . .

8. Worms
At one of our weekend night out's, I discovered worm served on a plate. Since my personal rule is to always try at least once, I did! I just always try so at least I am aware and informed. Best to try before judging. Not bad really... just a crunchy protein-packed worm. :)

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