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Monday, December 15, 2008

Thank you series: Best Korean Restaurant for me

Thursday night, my husband's boss asked us to join him for dinner. He took us to a Korean Resto located in one of the malls here in Zhongshan, China. My verdict... it is the best Korean resto for me. I loved the veggies and the dressing. It was simply superb!I ate so much that I had to literally loosen up my pants. Uh-Oh need to get back to my diet this week. Tsk Tsk!

Note: I love it that most Korean restaurants offer the veggies for free but this one even offered free ice cream for dessert!

Don't know the name of the resto. This is my only clue.

'The Menu'

'Food feast'

Cooking Beef with onions and mushrooms.

Not sure what this is..but it was good.


'Our Apron or Bib?'

'Group pic'

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