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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

sunnysideup perspectives: I chose to be happy

I started this blog with a commitment to choose happiness. It is my decision to choose to see life positively even when things are not going well or when we don't get what we want. It's easier to choose to rant and be irritated, actually, but I choose otherwise. Once in a while I fail but I get up and try again. Everyday I try to look for reasons to smile and be thankful. I just think that we should live each day with gratitude for all the blessings we have - while we still have them.

In my quest to choose happiness I also carry a few to thoughts to help me, and before this year ends I'd like to share them with you. Maybe it can also help you . . . relax and choose to live with a smile.

1. The grass is always greener somewhere else.

We all know this but we always seem to forget it. There is so much wisdom in this phrase and we should always remember it. To me, it simply reminds me to be grateful and to avoid comparing. It is our nature as humans to always want something. It is good sometimes because it shows ambition and determination, the sad part is we never seem to be satisfied. We always want something else.

Once we acquire or achieve that thing or dream, we want the next big thing. It's a vicious cycle that we can control. Besides if we never decide to settle, we never will - and we may find ourselves constantly in search for something or for someone.

2. Life is not fair.

I remember reading this somewhere and it helped me. It carries truth that may be hard to swallow but its the truth. Life is NOT fair and no one ever said it is. Life is just a journey designed for us to enjoy and learn from. It is not a perfect journey and we should accept this truth. Let go and just enjoy the ride.

3. Be where you are.

We tend to think and worry about so many things that we forget to live today. We think about our next meal, our next career, our next event or activity. We do two or three things at once, and fail to enjoy that moment. A moment that once passed will never come again.

To be where I am is the hardest of all but it has the most impact. It reminds us to focus and give our best today, where we are and to whom we are with.

This would mean that we:
  • listen and participate in our conversations
  • chew and taste our meals
  • enjoy our drives
  • smell the flowers
  • stop to smile and compliment somebody
  • plus so much more!
Happy New Year everyone! Let's choose to be happy and enjoy life!


jeng said...

Very nice...It is always refreshing to read this kind of thoughts. ;)

SearchingWellness said...

Hi sis, happy new year!!! Yes, you are soooooo right on all three points. I should remember those more often. Have an amazing year!