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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

sunnysideup perspectives: Christmas makes me homesick

Waaaah!!! I miss Manila. My family, friends, Filipino food and even my dogs. Christmas seems to magnify my homesickness. And, it doesn't help to read a recent blog about my friends meeting up. Just can't wait to go home! Oh well, 30 more days and will be off to Manila for a 3-week vacation.

Anyway its funny how all of a sudden I feel intense homesickness, just as soon as the month of December comes. I think it's mainly because it's my first time to miss Christmas (in Manila).
It's my first time to spend Christmas:

1. in China
2. with my husband (instead of my dad)
3. without Kris Kringle
4. without seeing the streetlights of Makati
5. without a 13th month pay
6. without a Christmas mass

Ok ok.. enough ranting. I need to help myself. What don't I miss...

1. Traffic
2. Shopping rush

That's it! Can't think of anything else. :(

Oh well, Christmas is simply different in Manila but I'll make the most of this experience. Maybe my hubby and I can spend Christmas in Hong Kong. We'll see. :P


Melanie said...

same here :-( theres no place like home during Christmas...

amiable amy said...

nakaka miss talaga ... caroling, exchange gifts, pagkain, simbang gabi lalo na...hayyy naman..btw, added your blog na ha, nasa bloglist 1