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Friday, December 5, 2008

Thank you series: Paskuhan sa GK (A Personal Experience)

My friend, Gawad Kalinga mission worker, Jill invited me to serve in their event in Macau. It was the Paskuhan sa GK held in Macau last Dec 5 and 6. I spent 5 days in Macau, hence the silence in my blogs. I was there to serve in Gawad Kalinga.

This was such a great thing for me. It was refreshing, rejuvenating and challenging. After being used to a life of solitude and blogging in our Condo here in China, this event awakened my blood for service and activeness. Another truth is that although I am an event person, I've never been in part of production before. This is my first time to be in charge of the audio playback and it was quite a rush. Usually I'm a host, coordinator or organizer but that's it. At some point I even got scared of my friend, who was the event director too. Didn't want to make a mess or disappoint her. Glad our friendship is strong enough to love each other amidst STRESS and impatience. It was also a good thing that things worked out :)

Anyhow after this experience, I have more respect and awe for the people inside the control booth. Those who cue the audio, video, powerpoint and lights. Never thought it can be sooo stressful. Important stuff that add life and power to any program.

On a hindsight, I also think that this event was God's way of growing me and my friend Jill. We grew our friendship and we grew as persons. Thank you!

Jill (our director), Andy (our Studio Contact),
Jon (Jill's husband and our Video and Powerpoint guy)

'Light Control'

'Video and Powerpoint Control'

'Audio Control'

Now we can smile! (after the event)
That's me, Jill, Dylan Wilks, Diane and her sister.

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