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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thank you series: Old Friends from Manila!

Welcome to China Jaime and Cindy!

(From left to right) Jaime, Cindy and me! :)

Jaime and his beautiful camera :)

A view of Zhongshan from Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park

Here's a prenuptial shoot in the park.

Cindy and I. Yep we do look like locals unfortunately we don't speak and understand the language. :)

Cute couple, Jaime and Cindy, with the "Hot pot"

November 30 - December 2. It's our first time, my hubby and I, to have guests here in China. It's been 3 months since we got here and I'm glad to have my friends come over. Of course I warned them in advance, yep they were my guinea pigs! I still have yet to get use to the place and language but we managed. Oh well, lucky are my next guests since by then I would be a better tourist guide hehe :)

I just hope they enjoyed their short stay and got a lot of insights during this "exploration" trip. Worthwhile enough to let them forget the camera we lost. :(

Thanks for the gifts and for being such great guests. See you in Manila soon!

Note... Here are some of my insights from this trip:
  • Best to remind guests to bring RMB or HK dollars as pocket money especially if they plan to shop. US dollars are hard to exchange when containing stamp marks from banks.
  • Dinner in the 'Zhongshan Revolving Restaurant' is always best done on the first day/evening.
  • Socks and Winter clothes are advised (at least until March)
  • Always double check restos and cabs before leaving, just to make sure we did not leave anything.
  • Foot and Body Massage in country club is well appreciated. Also great way to end the day.


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