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Friday, December 19, 2008

sunnysideup perspectives: Reform and Opening Up

I woke up this morning to a TV news on China's Anniversary Celebration - 30 years of successful Reform and Opening up. It just struck me that their opening up anniversary is almost the same age I have. So recent, so young yet so vibrant! I just find it amazing that in just a span of 3 decades, the changes in their country occurred and are so obvious. Just this year we've witnessed China host the Olympics and send men to outer space. They've also been more active in Global forums and meetings with country leaders.

Their current and resounding battle cry is Reform, Change and Open Up, something I am really witnessing firsthand. Their focus on education, labor and development is so apparent: Buildings are in construction here and there, roads and highways are well maintained, English schools and centers are thriving. In fact, I am meeting more and more Chinese people who are able/or learning to speak English. Times are hard now but I have no doubt that in a few more years, this country will grow further and attain more success. I congratulate them in advance for a job well done!

In all of this the main realization and learning that we can get is 'change'. That we all need to be open to change and adapt to our fast evolving world. It's a learn, adapt or be-left-behind world. Those who move, win!

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