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Monday, December 8, 2008

Thank you series: More old friends from Manila

I had a blast last week. Why?

1. Because I felt Christmas and had a pre-celebration
2. Because I got to spend 5 great days with one of my bestest-bestest friends
3. Because I found a community

It's just 3 months since I left Manila and I'm pleased to see one of them here. It's also funny how my friends never got to meet each other since I left. Isn't it ironic that I met one of them first, in Macau, when all of them are based in Manila. :) Gosh these girls!

Anyway this was truly a blessing from God. Last month, I was chatting with my friend Jill. She was saying how she wished she could go to Macau while I was saying I wished to have a community ( a way to serve God). Guess what about three weeks after our chat she buzzed me again to say she had to go to Macau for an event. Even better, she asked me to help her. What a blessing! Truly God's ear and heart is BIG to hear us always :)

So there we were, serving God while enjoying the time together with our husbands and a community.

Here are some of our photos during their visit.


BFF's near a Temple

Pretty Jillie :)

Jill and Jon (cable ride)

Kuya Obet and I (Cable ride)


Jill, Jon and an ... anchor

Me with my baby on event night.

Christmas Tree of Pledges

Group Picture :)


Iris said...

Is this Macau? It looked like Europe at first glance. :)

amiable amy said...

I miss having a Filipino community. These are so nice pictures and I can see you are having fun. Merry Christmas!