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Friday, October 24, 2008

Sunnysideup cooking: Sauted Cream Dory in Onion, Tomato and Thyme

Got a message from fellow blogger, Jeng, a few weeks ago. She suggested that I share my recipe since I uploaded photos of the food I cooked.

Quite late but here's the first of my recipes. Most of these are experimental, usually I don't cook following a cookbook. I just head straight to the fridge and cook based on what's in it or what needs to go. It also helps watching cooking shows though since I learn a few tricks. Ok here it is, my first recipe - Cream Dory in Onions, Tomatoes and Thyme.

1 large slice of Cream Dory
1 large Tomato cubed
Half cup of diced White Onion
Tablespoon of Olive Oil
Thyme, Pepper, Salt (to taste)

1. Heat pan add olive oil, white onions and tomatoes
2. Add (thawed) Cream Dory
3. Season to taste with thyme, pepper and salt
4. Wait for 15 mins then serve.

Good for 1-2 persons.

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