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Monday, October 27, 2008

Thank you series: Barbeque party, China style!

Saturday, my hubby and I attended a Barbeque party hosted by his bosses. It was for the entire R&D department of their company.

Here in China, Barbeque parties are so much for for people like my hubby. Similar to their hotpot tradition, they also gather around a grilling table for 'barbeques'. Although the only difference is that they also grill green leafy vegetables, crab sticks, meatballs and bread. One thing is sure, he enjoyed immensely. It was because of the access he had to all the food being cooked.

Here's a quick snapshot of our barbque table last Saturday.

"Starting to grill - beef, crab, chicken wings and corn."

"Hubby and I share a corn while Noel, behind me, is busy grilling."

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