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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Thank you series: Back from vacation

I'm back after a week long hiatus from the Internet world and normal routine. I had so much much fun with my hubby and his colleagues during the national week. Aside from our trip to Zhu Hai, we mostly spent our days in the pool practicing our breast stroke and freestlye. My husband has perfected his breast stroke. As for me I'm still practicing but I feel that I almost got it.

Last week, we also visit a nearby market for the first time. For our first month most of our food came from the grocery. As expected it was sooo much cheaper and the best thing was the freshness. Red meat is pink and soft, fish is alive and swimming. I was also pleasantly surprised to see a 'Tilapia', my favorite fish in Manila. My glee, however, was immediately replace by pity. It was traumatic for me to see how they killed the fish and cut it while it's still alive. It was really a terrifying to feel the freshly chopped fish moving inside the plastic bag that Jason held, but a taste of the cooked fish removed all my qualms. Maybe I will consider being a vegetarian... maybe in a few years... maybe not.


"Close up of the cooked Tilapia."

Ooh and did I tell you how nice the fish vendor is to me. :) She seems to be amazed with the fact that I look sooo Chinese and yet can't speak a single word. I get this reaction often, by the way. I always have to explain, I try, that I'm a Filipina and that I don't speak Chinese. Funny how I look the part but don't speak the part eh. :P Anyway I say "Philippines" since there is no direct translation of Philippines in Chinese. Most of the countries with direct translation are the first worlds. Here's a few:

Meguo for America (Meguo means beautiful country by the way)
Inguo for England
Faguo for France

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