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Monday, March 30, 2009

Sunnysideup Perspectives: All Dogs Go to Heaven

Warning: This post is not a happy one, and is not recommended for people who don't like dogs. Please bear with me as I mourn the loss of my pet.

A dog is a loyal, loving friend and pet that any person can have. Losing them is another thing, it's tough and feels like losing friend and family.

Today I just heard that my favorite pet has passed. Yuri has gone to heaven last March 14, 2009. I know that correct grammar tells me to use "it" but bear with me please as I cannot bear to use this on him.

Taken last year, Yuri was 8 years old.

In this photo he is playing with my pup Lilo.

My pet dog Yuri, is one one best dogs I ever had. He is not a dog of breed, but he is smart, loyal, loving and funny.

I remember how I got Yuri. My cousin, Jeff, gave me the pup. He asked me to choose from the bunch. I observed and then I saw this thin and scrawny brown pup. He was so small then, and I saw him hauling watermelon skin. I said to myself, "Hey that pups smart! He takes the food and goes away from the pack so he can eat more... alone." He was different and I decided that he was the one for me.

From that day on, Yuri always managed to make me smile. He had so many antics, sometimes I even forgot that he is a dog. Allow me to reminisce.


- loves to look at the mirror (he looks at his reflection, baffled thinking about the "other" dog)

- loves attention. One time when my dad and step mom were in a deep conversation. He stole their attention and jumped on my dad. My dad and step mom, wanting to play with him, pretended to hug, after seeing that Yuri... got all the more got excited. Seems like he wanted to be part of the hug.

- seems to always understand a conversation. He is also very naughty and would do the opposite of what I ask, then wag his tail as if to let me know he is joking. But he also knows when I am mad and serious, so he follows immediately.

- is emotional. I know when he is sad and hurt. He manages to let us know. He won't go near or even look at us when he is hurt. He would look at us sideways and never go near us. I remember when I had to go to the US for 2 months. He never approached me when I arrived. I knew he was hurt because I didn't say goodbye and was out for a long time.

- is very protective of me and our family. He is such a great guard dog. He knows when to be friendly and when to be tough. He is very friendly to our guests, as long as we let them in first, and that they walk with us.

- is a good dog for children. One of our old maids had a child who lived with us. The child, a little girl, was still a toddler who always clinged to Yuri. She would grasp Yuri's skin very tightly. Even hit him as if he was a toy. Yuri never hurt the child, although, he did love sleeping in the child's folding bed. Tsk Tsk! We just laugh when we see him on the bed.

- is a great predator too. No stray cats, chickens or frogs can leave our backyard alive. One time we even joked about him being so useful, he can probably just find food for all of the dogs :)

- can be picky with food sometimes. I remember, before, he would not eat bread if it had no spread in it. He also leaves the rice on his bowl if there is no more sauce or meat left.

- loves to stay under an umbrella, especially when it's raining. If you take the umbrella he will look at you with questioning eyes.

See how cozy and comfy he is under an umbrella.

The last time I saw him, I knew that it was the last. I said my goodbyes and I can feel that he was really sad. (You see I am now based in China and I cannot be with him most of the time.) In my two recent visits, he was very sweet and always wanted time with me. Every time I leave the house I see him at the gate, looking at me until our car can no longer be seen. The most touching part, was the last time I visited. Our maid even said that he is very sick and seemed to just be waiting for me. He never rose or walked, he only does when I am around. He walks to go to me. He died 5 days after I left Manila.

I can't stop crying, and as I write this post my tears keep falling. It still falls even if I know I said I was prepared for this, and I already said my goodbyes to Yuri. I even told him he can rest if he wanted to. My only consolation is the thought that maybe all dogs go to heaven, and that Yuri is no longer in pain.

Goodbye Yuri. Thank you for all the memories and thank you for being such a great friend.


AC said...

awwww... my condolences. :(

Nortehanon said...

I'm sorry about what happened to Yuri. I also have a dog and I can't imagine how I'd feel when it's time for him to go to the Rainbow Bridge. Sabi nila, pag namatay ang dog, dun daw hinihintay ng dog ang panahon when they will meet their caretakers again. Sasalubong din daw nila tayo doon someday.

Yes, you are right, he is in heaven now and I'm sure he is smiling at you because he knows he is loved.

Nortehanon said...

Btw, I'm done na pala with the tag. So sorry talaga it took some time.

"Q" said...

Thanks AC and Nortehanon. I appreciate the messages.

It will never be the same without Yuri, but I thank God that I still have 4 dogs and 6 new puppies in Manila! My dad told me that our 4 month old pup, Miller, is growing up a little like Yuri (attitude and antics wise).

peppermayo said...

*hugs*...i was a bit teary-eyed while reading this...been in this situation but with a younger dog. so i could not imagine letting go of 9 years or so of canine friendship. HE surely is in doggy heaven, guarding you in a different light.

"Q" said...

thanks Mae. :)

amiable amy said...

sorry to hear that Q, but,at least may good memories ka na maalala...cheer up okay and be glad na hindi na sya nag suffer...

anyway, i have a tag for you, grab mo ha pag d kana busy...ngayon lang ako naka balik sa blogging kasi may storm dito ehh and after I arrived from Louisiana, nagkasakit ako...

glad to be here..

Joan said...

I am so happy you're following my blog. Looking forward to know your life too thru your blog. Exciting!


Beth said...

uy, ano ba yan, naiyak naman ako sa post mo! tutoo!!!

sana di ko na lang binasa kasi naalala ko doggie ko, he died din pero of old age naman. 11 years yata siya sa min kaya when he laid down and di na nagising, alam ng mother ko, it's his time na din. Our dog is such a blessing din, sobrang matalino and super lambing. Ska super gwapo! I can feel how you feel when you describe him dito sa post mo. I cried too when he died, pero I just think na time na niya to rest.

Ingat lagi! :)

Beth said...

Dahil sa pinaiyak mo ko, I've a Smart Blogger Award for you! :) Accept mo ha? Thanks!

Chris said...

i am a first timer here in your site and this post of yours just really warmed my heart... i had a dog once.. i loved him with all my heart... and i was so sad when he left us too...

Francesca said...

i have a cat i lost dec 25, didnt blog about it because the lost was too much,
you have missed your dog soo much, you write about him from the heart.
I wish one day I can blog about my lost cat, died by accident, a drug addict crashed him at the parking lot.

IamNoOne said...

This reminds me of ours too. Same antics - emotional and naughty too. He's 6yr old already. And yes, I could not just use the it word to refer it to him.

My condolence to you...