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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Thank you series: Dogs First Birthday

I know my last post was sad so I'm posting a happy one.

I just want to greet my dogs Lilo and Champagne on their first birthday. They just turned one today! :)

16 days old Lilo and Champagne

1 month old Lilo

1 month old Champagne

I wish I was there to see them. Soon, I will! I will also get to play with our new puppies.


(I did not know she was pregnant when I took this photo)

Champagne with her 6 new puppies, born last March 8.
(She had puppies even before she turned one. Tsk Tsk!)

This is Miki, father of the puppies, and our little "stud muffin." :P
(He's a boy dog ...with ribbons.)

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