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Monday, April 13, 2009

Thank you series: A Typical Filipino Sunday

My hubby and I spent Easter Sunday in Macau, and with us was his colleague, Dada. We attended morning mass in Igreja de Santo Agostinho (San Agustin).

The mass was celebrated in Tagalog/Filipino, and for an hour, we felt we were in Manila. I miss attending mass and at church I sang my heart out. It was a special day for me - my Filipino and Christian spirit. (If you want to know the mass schedules in Macau, you can read it on my past posting.)

Later that day, we also did some shopping and picture taking. It was another great opportunity for me to practice on photography. (For photos, please visit my photo blog).

We capped the night with a foot massage to relieve our tired muscles. This is specially good for me and my hubby as we have been running, walking and exercising for days. (Our "serious" effort to lose our winter weight.)

PS. I also got an Easter tag from Amy. It's a cute one; feel free to grab it! :) Happy Easter everyone!

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